Wanted to do Sanjay Dutt’s role in ‘Sanju’: Aamir Khan

MUMBAI: Aamir Khan today said he offered the role of Sunil Dutt in the Sanjay Dutt biopic but he was more keen to play the lead role, which was already in Ranbir Kapoor’s kitty.

            Aamir said when Rajkumar Hirani, who has directed him in “3 Idiots” and “PK”, narrated the idea of “Sanju” to him, he fell in love with the script and felt it was written beautifully. Sunil Dutt’s role is now being played by Paresh Rawal in the biopic.

            “He wanted me to play Sunil Dutt sahab’s role and it is a fantastic role. Largely, it is a father-son story. But Sanju’s role is unbelievable. I told Raju, Sanjay Dutt’s role is so great that it has won my heart… So in this film, I can’t do any other role but that of Sanjay Dutt, which I can’t do as Ranbir Kapoor is doing it.

            “So, don’t offer me any other role as I won’t be able to do it. I can’t come to the sets thinking this should have been my lines. That role has won my heart and I am sure Ranbir has done it really well, he is a fantastic actor. I can’t wait to watch the film and Ranbir’s performance,” Aamir said in a group interview here.

            Aamir, 53, said he had met Sunil Dutt and remembers him as a person who was “graceful, and dignified”.

            “He used to send me telegrams on Diwali, Eid, birthdays and congratulatory messages. There would be like three-four word messages like ‘congratulations, well done’,” Aamir recalled.  (AGENCIES)


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