WALKING WITH MY SOUL The journey of dreams and emotions

Sonam Sinha

Walking with my Soul by Jasbeer Singh is a beautiful collection of poems that is bound to mesmerise everyone. The area of these poems ranges from a tryst with one’s soul to the various phases of life, love, loneliness, silence and much more! This book is not like any ordinary poetry collection book because every poem is preceded by a ‘shayari’ (short poem) as well as a short description of its background.
This unique feature helps the readers to engage more in the poems and enjoy to the fullest.
There are 14 poems in this collection and each poem has a unique facet. The poet has chosen some of the phases from his life which are significant and has narrated them beautifully in the form of a poem. Each ‘shayari’ would mesmerise you and make you think about it for a considerable period of time. Maybe that is the brilliance of these short writings, they keep you enchanted!
All the poems are written in simple language but the meaning that it carries is very deep and thought-provoking.
Since all the poems are short, the readers will not need much time to complete it and enjoy it completely! If you are looking for something impactful yet short, this collection should be there with you!


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