Voguish Bags for the sassy Chics

Agrita Chhibber
We just don’t own a bag; we share a special unsaid bond with it. Currently bags are found in various patterns, shapes and colors, but you need to choose the right one for the occasion, you can’t just go and pick anything.
Like it is important to select our “that perfect outfit for the evening”, in the same way choosing a bag that will compliment the look is really important. Before you pick up a bag from your closet, make sure it goes with the occasion and dress planned. So, here I am going to spill light on how to choose bag for an occasion-
Minaudiere bag
Minaudiere bag paired with dress for a party or a marriage function looks really classy. These days you are presented with ample of options in these bags and in their size, of course, when your cell phone and lip color fits in what more do you want. Few days back I bought a box clutch with zari work and it turned out be the show stealer, as it looks really pretty and traditional when paired with sari or a heavy work suit.
College Bags
Our girls can’t afford to have a boring college bag; it should be something which matches their coolness and makes a statement. Girls! The backpack is what you need with great capacity to store books’ and even laptops. Stars like Alia Bhatt, Piggy Chops, and Katrina were seen rocking in these cool backpacks. These backpacks also serve the purpose to match your airport look as they are spacious and their pattern and styling are a bonus.
Tote Bags
Girls, are you looking for a bag which is big and at the same time stylish? You need to gift yourself a super smart Tote bag. A Large Handbag with open top, are much in vogue for the past years and are still rocking. They are big and spacious with bold patterns. Going out for brunch carry a tote to create a casual look. Karishma Kapoor was spotted carrying Chanel Bag, to add a statement to her casual look.
Satchel bag
This new range of bag is making its way really coolly and are frequently spotted being carried by all age groups. Their size is perfect for road trips, carrying your essentials and adding a chic factor. They have good size and capacity to fill up your stuff with.
Sling bag
Going out and confused what to take along? Here’s the answer girls that sling bag sitting in the corner is what you need, take it, fill with cash and lip balm and you are all set to go. Bipasha Basu, Jacqueline Fernandez and many more carry it in much style. Sling bags are a big yes! Without a second thought. They are much convenient in carrying as you can hang them and because of their size.
Quilted Bags
They have surface texture comprised of a diamond or square-shaped stitch pattern. Got an invitation for a college reunion, this is surely the perfect choice to be ladylike. It is one of the currently hottest trend being presented in various designs and patterns to break the monotony.
A small evening clutch, to carry minimum with you. Perfect for your Friyay night outs. Clutch comes really handy when it comes to going for a night out. In Hollywood and Bollywood they are everyone’s favorite and currently wide variety has been launched like painted patterns with pastel base, they are perfect pick for summers.
Sometimes, we all don’t want to carry sling or handbag, for those times a wallet in your collection is must. Small pocket size case only and only for carrying cash and credit cards. Girls you can even carry them in your tote bags like this you won’t mess up with cash, isn’t it a bonus? They are super handy and easy to carry. They are generally plain and available in solid colors not many options to look out for.
Bowling Bag
1990s inspired round, medium sized handbag. If you are one of those who like structured bags, then your search is over. If you need a new office bag, don’t forget about them. Varieties add spice to life, then why not add them to our bag collection.
Shopping Bag
Bright Colored big bags can be used by shopping freaks; they can also be used as beach bags. Instead of using poly bags girls go for shopping bags they look super trendy and environment friendly too. Various colors and patterns are available, rush and pick your favorite out of them. There are beautifully crafted bags which will surely make you buy them.


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