Venkaiah calls for campaign against gender discrimination

NEW DELHI :Vice President M Venkaiah Naidu on Sunday expressed deep concern over social and gender discrimination against women, saying that there needs to be a campaign on a war-footing against challenges like illiteracy and poverty coming in the way of the rise of New India.
In an article written on the social networking website Facebook, the Vice President noted that even after seven decades of Independence, the country was struggling with anomalies like social and gender discrimination.
“We must campaign on a war-footing with a common co-ordinated resolve against every social challenge like illiteracy, poverty coming in the path of new India. Every citizen of the country, especially the youth, must contribute to this yajna of a prosperous, prosperous and prosperous India in which there is no discrimination or discrepancy of any kind.”
Referring to the reports of ‘Indian Parliament Population and Development Organisation’, ‘Birth Sex Ratio Status in India’ and ‘Older Population Status and Support System’, he said that adverse sex ratio studied from 2001 to 2017, indicated that the social deformity, which if allowed to continue, would have serious consequences on the stability of society itself.
Stating that it was important to remember that respecting women in society was important, he questioned “How can we forget this verse which states that ‘where the woman is respected, the divinity of the Gods is manifest, and where there is no honour of women, no matter how many sattras are there, they do not succeed.’
He referred to women deities like Maitraiyi, Gargi, Ghosha, Viswatara in the Vedic era, saying that respecting women, giving them equal opportunities to enhance their talent, respecting their knowledge and contribution has been an Indian way of life.
He said history was replete with examples of the talent of women – Prabhavati, the daughter of Chandragupta II, who skillfully assumed the kingdom, Delhi’s only woman Sultan Razia Sultana, Kittur Chennamma, Rani of Jhansi, Gond Rani Durgavati and countless many famous women who had broken the stereotypes of society and earned fame for the country from science to the playground.



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