US works with India on its most vital priorities: Matthew Miller

WASHINGTON, May 25: The United States works with India on its most vital priorities, a State Department spokesperson said ahead of the official state visit of Prime Minister Narendra Modi to the US.
“I will say generally that our partnership with India is one of our most consequential relationships. We work with India closely on our most vital priorities,” State Department spokesperson Matthew Miller told reporters at his daily news conference on Wednesday.
He said he expects US Ambassador to India, Eric Garcetti to be able to deepen the relationship between the two countries and work on matters of shared concern.
Responding to questions on Modi’s trip, Miller said without giving too much of a preview of that trip, “certainly, the war in Ukraine will be one of the topics that is under discussion”.
“It has been one of the topics under discussion in previous meetings with Prime Minister Modi, as it is in just about any conversation we have with a world leader at this time, or has been the case for the past year,” Miller said.
He noted that the US obviously recognises visa delays as an area of concern, and the consular teams have been making a huge push to process as many visa applications as possible in India, including those in visa categories that are a key to the bilateral relationship.
“It is a top priority for our government, and I know it is a top priority for our embassy in the country,” the official added.
According to the Ministry of External Affairs, Prime Minister Narendra Modi will embark on an official state visit to the United States of America, which will include a state dinner on June 22, 2023, following an invitation from President Joseph Biden and First Lady Jill Biden. (PTI)