US hopes Pak operation against militants is successful

WASHINGTON, June 18: Reacting cautiously to Pakistan’s all-out offensive against militants in the restive northwest tribal region, the US has said it is not going to rush to any judgement on how the operation will proceed against the “common enemy”.
Pentagon Press Secretary Rear Admiral John Kirby told reporters that it was too early to arrive at any definite conclusion regarding the military operation in North Waziristan as it was still going on.
“The operation just began and we are not going to certainly rush to judgement here on how it proceeds. I think it is a testament to the degree to which Pakistan and the US and Afghanistan have a shared threat and a shared challenge to deal with,” Kirby said.
“We obviously hope that the operation that the Pakistani military is conducting is successful because it does represent a common enemy. We recognise that the Pakistani military has taken casualties in this fight for many years. This isn’t the first time that they’ve conducted operations there,” he said.
The recent attacks in Karachi at the airport, he said, are a very stark reminder of how the threat affects the Pakistani people.
“So again we wish them well and we look forward to seeing them succeed,” he said.
The Pakistan Army has killed over 200 militants in their all-out offensive against the Taliban in the restive North Waziristan.
The Chairman of the Pakistan Joint Chiefs of Staff is currently on a US visit at the invitation of General Martin Dempsey, Chairman of the US Joint Chiefs of Staff.
Kirby said there is daily, constant contact between the US-led International Security Assistance Force in Afghanistan and the Pakiatan military. (PTI)


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