US has all ingredients for success for next 200 years: Obama

WASHINGTON, May 15: The US has all the ingredients to be successful for the next 200 years, US President Barack Obama has said, hoping that he would get another chance to get the US back on track.
“We’ve still got the finest workers in the world, the best universities in the world, we’ve the best scientists, the best entrepreneurs, we’ve got the best market system in the world,  so we’ve got all the ingredients for success for the next 100, next 200 years,” Obama, who is seeking his re-election, told the ABC News in an interview.
“But what’s happened is, is that our politics breaks down we’ve become more obsessed with winning the election than setting things up for the next generation and if we can break through that I could not be more confident or more proud of the this country and the direction we’re headed,” he said.
“It will happen. I believe it. It always does,” said the US President, exuding confidence.
Obama said that what he wants is to spend the next five years doing is recreating that America where if you work hard you can make it, regardless of where you come from, what you look like.
“The one thing, if you don’t mind me taking just a little bit of time on this you know sometimes you hear about America’s declining or we’re weaker or China’s on the rise or this, that or the other,” he said.
“Let me tell you, I travel all around the world and everywhere you go, if you ask people where would you want to be, what country you admire, what cards you would like to have in your hand, it’s what we’ve got,” Obama said. (PTI)


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