US does not want protests in Nepal to be disrupted by violence

WASHINGTON, Oct 27: The US has said it will support the right of citizens in Nepal to protest peacefully and doesn’t want to see any protest activity disrupted by violence as the country is facing agitations for over a month against the new Constitution.
“I’m not going to take a position here from the podium about internal Nepali politics, but we’ve been clear that we obviously support the right of citizens to peacefully protest and we don’t want to see any such protest activity disrupted by violence or to become violent,” State Department Spokesman John Kirby told reporters yesterday.
However, the US refused to comment on the charges that the constitution does not protect the interest of the people of Tarai and is not inclusive enough, which has resulted in massive protests in the country.
“That’s manifestly unhelpful to not only the safety and security of citizens but to moving politics and a government forward,” Kirby said.
“So we certainly have seen these reports. We note them with concern, obviously, and we want to see peaceful protest be able to continue and not to be disrupted by violence,” he said.
Southern plains of the landlocked Nepal has been simmering with tension since the new Constitution was formally adopted on September 20.
Madhesi parties – who claim to represent the interests of the Indian-origin inhabitants of Nepal’s Terai region – and Tharu ethnic groups have been agitating against the charter. They see it as flawed and discriminatory to their interests.
Over 40 people have died in the agitations, that has also overwhelmed India-Nepal ties, as transit of goods and fuel to the Himalayan nation via the major trading points of Birgunj and Biratnagar have been squeezed. (PTI)


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