UPA govt repeatedly compromising India’s stand: BJP

NEW DELHI : The BJP today alleged that the Congress-led UPA Government has repeatedly been compromising India’s stand on the issue of national interest and security for political purpose.
“Sartaj Aziz (Pakistan Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif’s Advisor) was allowed to speak to the separatists under the nose of the Central Government in Delhi itself,” BJP spokesperson Meenakshi Lekhi told reporters here.
She said the Centre gave a “warm welcome” to Pakistan despite Indian soldiers were killed at the LoC and Pakistan violated ceasefire for several times.
“The stand of India has been repeatedly compromised by UPA for political purpose. What is Congress’ interest in allowing such talks. When Parliament has passed several resolutions affirming that Kashmir is an integral part of India. Its territorial integrity is non-negotiable, there cannot be any legitimate reason for Congress to allow Pakistanis meddle in Kashmir,” she said.
The BJP leader said this move was yet another aspect of UPA’s “disgraced foreign policy where national interest is compromised to facilitate Pakistani interest in Kashmir.”
“Be it Pakistan and China. Congress party has risked India’s territorial integrity in more than one occasions. UPA’s extra rope to Pakistan and the false belief that Sharif will deliver seems artificial diplomatic gestures. He must work for India’s national interests. Sonia (Congress chief Sonia Gandhi), Manmohan Singh (Prime Minister, and Salman Khurshid (Foreign Minister) need to explain their position on such matters of foreign policy,” Ms Lekhi said.
She added that if there was anything to deal with Pakistan on the Kashmir issue, then it has to be the Pakistan Occupied Kashmir (POK).
“The POK must be returned to India through an amicable settlement, and representative of that Kashmir must get a voice in the J&K Assembly. Congress party’s obsession in legitimising and facilitating foreign interests must be condemned in the strongest possible words. India must uproot Congress in order to protect her national interests,” the BJP spokesperson said.
She said Mullah Abdul Salam Zaeef, one of the founding members of Taliban and once a close confidant of its former chief Mullah Mohammed Omar, attended a function in Goa. (AGENCIES)


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