Unparliamentary language

It is an admitted fact that discussions, debates and arguments form an essential, component in a democratic set up because in the absence of these basic principles democracy will be rendered absurd, and meaningless. Although all the persons dealing in politcs do understand this fact very well, yet they go behond the limit. In order to prevail on others in their political agenda use every tool in their armoury, and even do not hesitate to use unparliamentary language. Do these abusive words solve any problem.? No, those who use these words rather fall in eyes of the civilized people. There may be some deep differences between ideologies, aims and objectives among political parties but this does not mean to resort to unfair practice. The political parties and their heads have to use scientific means to make their programmes and points of view to make understand their opponents. The opposite parties are essential ingredients in a democratic setup. In England the Prime Minister knows the leader of the opposition better than his wife. This underlines the importance of the opposition in a democratic set up. To run Parliament smoothly, it is essential that the treasury benches and the opposite respect each others view points without muzzling each others voice on trivial issues.
It takes two to tango. The issues pertaining to people will be redressed only if the political parties work for the welfare of the country and not for personal petty interests.
Dwarika Nath Raina
Lower Muthi


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