“Universe chants Jai Shree Ram” aerial banner enthrals Indian-Americans in Houston

HOUSTON, Jan 30 : “Universe Chants Jai Shree Ram” aerial banner across the US city of Houston enthralled Indian Americans as the excitement of the inauguration of the Ram Mandir continues to thrill the community members days after the spectacular ceremony in Ayodhya.
After recent freeze and rain, devotees dressed in ethnic wear, waving saffron flags and chanting “Jai Shree Ram”, gathered at the Gujrat Samaj of Houston and other venues on Sunday to watch the spectacle.
The pilot of the aircraft on which the banner was flown was also greeted by resounding chants of “Jai Shri Ram”.
The organisers spread the word about the first-of-its-kind aerial banner crossing across Houston on Sunday between 1-3 p.M. Through a flier “Embracing the Skies, the Universe Chants Jai Shri Ram”.
The devotees stayed glued to the sky across the city as the flier read: “Keep an eye on the sky and chant Jai Shri Ram when you see the plane in your area with the above message.”
Umang Mehta, the organiser of the aerial show, told PTI: “The project was designed to celebrate the opening of Shri Ram Temple after 500 years of long struggle of sacrifice and determination and send a refreshing message that resonated with members of the Hindu community in a captivating and unforgettable way.”
“Besides being the first word heard from the moon, Houston earned another feather in the cap, with this aerial banner. It was an effective way to share our joy with the world, as this is probably the first time in history that an aerial banner hailing Shri Ram was flown anywhere in the world,” Dr Kusum Vyas, another organiser helping the project, said.
The aerial banner project was conceived by Umang Mehta and assisted by Dr. Kusum Vyas, Saurabh Shandilya, Achalesh Amar, and Anant Srivastava with support from the International Hindi Association (IHA).
“The clear skies were lit up with Shri Ram chants, a proud divine moment, which amalgamated culture and Indian pride, on the occasion of Pran Pratishtha in Ayodhya,” said Swapan Dhairyan, trustee IHA.
Capturing rare moments of the view, Saurabh Shandilya said: “The city experienced an enchanting view as the banner adorned the skies, contributing a cultural vibrancy to our diverse atmosphere.” (PTI)