Union Govt will enact law on triple talaq : Naidu


BENGALURU:  Based on the Supreme Court direction which is holding hearings on Triple Talaq, the NDA government would respond positively based on the popular positive opinion of the Muslim community, Union Minister Venkaiah Naidu today said.

Speaking on the tricky issue amid debate and court hearing, he said the Government was clear in its stand that this practice (triple Talaq) should end.

In such a scenario the Union Government will bring a legislation, but after allowing the community to a positive conclusion after internal deliberations, Mr Naidu said.

Speaking after inaugurating the statue of M S Ramaiah, industrialist and philanthropist, Mr Naidu said Muslims, just like Hindus had brought to an end social evils in their lives and triple talaq can also end the interest of the women.

”We have been bogged down by dowry, sati, child marriage. Similarly, triple talaq, which is against the interest of women, should end. But it will depend on popular notion of all section of these people,” he said.

He said Muslim women also have taken legal course and the matter is being heard in the Supreme Court.

 ”This has nothing to do with religion but gender discrimination and justice, and hence the community should giving proper response to it,” the Minister said. (AGENCIES)


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