Unemployment and poverty

Unemployment and poverty are the two main challenges Indian youth face today.
Unemployment leads to financial crisis and reduces overall purchasing capacity of a Nation, this in turn results in poverty followed by increasing burden of debt.
Lack of unemployment opportunities and the consequential income disparity brings about mass poverty in most developing and under developed countries of the world. It is true that unemployment and poverty are most common in less developed countries, however due to global economic recession, these countries are also facing these challenges. In India, problem of unemployment and poverty have been the major obstacles in economic development of Youth. Undevelopment and Unemployment has crippled the economy from  time to time. Even during good harvest, Indian farmers are not employed for the entire year  in agriculture sector. Excessive population is another problem as far as economy is concerned . Regional disparity is also crucial in this context. Mass migration from rural to urban regions is adding to problems of unemployment and poverty in India.
In our State too unemployment is a serious problem and it is rising fast even among  youth with higher qualification. Unemployment here is higher than the average National employment rate. The worst case has been in case of females where the rate is 45%,while in males in the same group it is 17.8%.
Government bodies are required to initiate long term measures to poverty alleviation, generation of employment opportunities and equality in income distribution- factors that are of utmost importance to deal with dual problem of employment and poverty.
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