Nagrota Attack : Ultras were carrying M4 Carbine, Sat phones

Slain militants were in possession of M4 Carbine, which is a very deadly weapon and is used only by top commanders of the militant outfits. Apart from this, the ultras were also carrying high end satellite communication phones, wireless sets and Global Positioning Systems.
DGP Dilbag Singh said M4 sniper rifle had been used by the militants in Kashmir in 2018 in five incidents targeting police personnel. In all the incidents, there were fatal casualties of police.
After hectic efforts and search operations, police had managed to recover the weapon bringing to an end the deadly incidents in the Valley.
“Had the M4 Carbine again fallen into the hands of militants, it could have proved disastrous for security personnel,” sources said.
The militants were also in possession of high end satellite communication phones and GPS.


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