Ukrainian troops filmed alleged disc-shaped UFO this month

KYIV, Feb 28 : The Ukrainian military has caught on camera an alleged disc-shaped, completely silent unidentified flying object (UFO) hovering over the zone of the Ukraine conflict this month, the Daily Mail newspaper reported on Tuesday.

The newspaper said it received an exclusive object of the UFO hovering over the country from Ukraine’s 406th Battalion.

The drone was flying over 500 feet above sea level and spotted the flying object at a distance of approximately 30 miles, the report added.

The footage was captured on a commercial DJI-brand Mavic 3T thermal-imaging drone. A spokesperson for the drone-maker DJI told the newspaper that the manufacturer could not help in explaining what is present in the UFO footage but noted that an equipment error visible on the screen as a red dot could have played a role. (UNI)