UCC | Law Commission Receives Around 80 Lakh Responses, No Further Extension On Public Views

New Delhi, July 29: The Law Commission of India on Friday decided not to further extend the time period for submission of suggestions from the public on the Uniform Civil Code (UCC).
The Law Commission had earlier sought responses of interested individuals, institutions or organisations to furnish their comments on the issue of the Uniform Civil Code till July 28, 2023.
Around 80 lakh responses have been received so far and the Law Commission will deliberate on the suggestions received and hold consultations with stakeholders concerned, a member of the Law Commission informed.
Earlier, on July 14, the Law Commission had extended the time period saying, “in view of the overwhelming response from the public on the subject of Uniform Civil Code and numerous requests received from various quarters regarding the extension of time for submitting their comments, the Law Commission has decided to grant an extension of two weeks for the submission of views and suggestions by the concerned stakeholders”.
It was further stated that the Commission values the input of all stakeholders and aims to create an inclusive environment that encourages active engagement. We encourage all interested parties to utilize this extended timeframe to contribute their valuable ideas and expertise.
Earlier, the 22nd Law Commission of India had solicited the views and ideas of the public at large and recognized religious organizations about the Uniform Civil Code.
Initially, the 21st Law Commission of India had examined the subject of the Uniform Civil Code and solicited the views of all the stakeholders through its appeal along with a questionnaire dated 07.10.2016 and further public appeals/notices dated 19.03.2018, 27.03.2018 and 10.4.2018.
Pursuant to the same, overwhelming responses were received by the Commission. The 21st Law Commission issued the consultation paper on “Reforms of Family Law” on 31.08.2018. Since more than three years have lapsed from the date of issuance of the said Consultation Paper, considering the relevance and importance of the subject and also the various Court orders on the subject, the 22nd Law Commission of India considered it expedient to deliberate afresh over the subject.
Law Commission of India is a non-statutory body and is constituted by a notification of the Government of India, Ministry of Law & Justice, Department of Legal Affairs with a definite term of reference to carry out research in the field of law and the Commission makes recommendations to the Government (in the form of Reports) as per its terms of reference.
The Commission has taken up various subjects on references made by the Department of Legal Affairs, Supreme Court and High Courts and submitted 277 reports. It provides a thought-provoking and vital review of the coutry’s laws. (AGENCIES)