Two serial blasts in Udhampur

Cops and people at the site of second blast in a bus at Old Bus Stand in Udhampur on Thursday. - Excelsior/Rakesh
Cops and people at the site of second blast in a bus at Old Bus Stand in Udhampur on Thursday. - Excelsior/Rakesh

Looking at the trend of the past many months of Pakistan sponsored terror and violent activities including attempts of infiltration , dropping arms from Drones etc , the focus now appear to be largely on Jammu Division. The latest one being causing two back to back blasts in Udhampur Bus Stand. The strategy being to frantically attempt to cause the entire Union Territory of Jammu and Kashmir to be known as “troubled” in the daydream scheming of things of Pakistan to serve its narrow interests which , however, can never ever succeed. The overwhelming negation and virtually nil support from the local population in Kashmir valley to militancy which day in and day out continue to show encouraging results in various forms has frustrated Pakistan and its other agencies and that is the reason that such bomb blasts or targeting innocent labourers in Kashmir take place which demonstrates the levels of utter disappointment of the country known as ”epicentre” of terrorism as also other fundamentalist hostile forces operating from across the border.
Choosing the latest target – the Udhampur city – where within eight hours, two blasts rocked the area one each on Wednesday and Thursday on September 28 and 29 respectively, must be seen in the perspective as to the levels of the utter inhuman mentality of the perpetrators doing such satanic acts in public buses and Bus Depots where innocent passengers in numbers could be the targets and enough human blood could be spilled. An empty bus parked nearside a petrol pump became the first target injuring two persons including the conductor and another blast took place on a bus at the bus stand of the town damaging the vehicle badly. The bus (of the second blast) had to leave for Ramnagar only after 45 minutes and that possibly prevented a tragedy.
The blasts , however, resulted in no casualty which is therefore a matter of great relief otherwise it is believed that both the blasts were those related to sticky bombs fitted with timers . The vehicles , however, getting badly damaged due to the impact of the blasts amply points out the high explosive material used to cause these blasts only to cause loss of maximum human lives. The details and other particulars about these two blasts are going to be investigated by the professional teams of the National Investigation Agency (NIA) who have reportedly since arrived in the town. These teams shall be joining and assisting the local Police teams in investigations . Two suspects , in this connection, having been detained by the Police may lead to an early breakthrough in respect of these blasts and about how the agents of the fiendish forces from across the border are planning such diabolic acts and who were responsible to carry the ”stuff” right up to planting them, one after the other, in two passenger buses . Some local OGWs providing some logistics to the agents of the enemy cannot be ruled out which thorough investigations only can find out.
It is to be noted that the timings of these blasts have been chosen in a diabolical manner coinciding with the scheduled visit of the Union Home Minister to Jammu and Kashmir next week. Choosing such occasions , be it the visit of the PM or any other VIP to indulging in such futile attempts may serve the petty narrow interests for home consumption of the sponsoring country which is well known for such acts right from its birth but every time it has to face total disappointment , failures and defeat in many ways besides getting exposed internationally. We know , other things remaining equal, it may do it here and there for a few years more but it will continue to meet with utter failures and disappointments as usual. That , however, does not mean in any manner and in any type of complacency to be shown by the Police / intelligence personnel in matters of keeping strict vigil at sensitive and vulnerable places like Bus Depots, Railway Stations and other public places. We do not say that it is not being done but since the strategy of terrorism is to hunt for the moment vigil is diluted, it strikes. Why should such an occasion be allowed to take place at all, hence more vigil, frisking , updating the working of the CCTV cameras etc and taking other measures are of utmost necessity.