Twitter, LinkedIn list Reliance’s coronavirus response among top work resonating most

New Delhi, Apr 19: Billionaire Mukesh Ambani’s Reliance Industries and its philanthropic arm Reliance Foundation have figured on LinkedIn and Twitter’s lists of companies whose response to the coronavrius crisis has resonated the most.
“When you’re facing so much uncertainty, it might seem like the safest thing to do is to stay quiet. However, many companies are finding that stepping forward and talking openly with their employees and customers about their coronavirus response is a powerful way to stay connected, transparent, and supportive of each other,” LinkedIn said in a blog.
It listed five top companies whose work has resonated the most.
“Energy company Reliance Industries sets up one of the first COVID-19 health centers in India,” LinkedIn said, putting pictures of Sir H N Reliance Foundation Hospital setting up a dedicated 100 bedded centre at Seven Hills Hospital in Mumbai for patients who test positive for the coronavirus.
It also listed L’Oreal pivoting to produce hand sanitizer in short supply among the top five responses.
Sporting goods retailer Decathlon addressing how its snorkeling masks are being adapted for makeshift ventilators, a LEGO employee quarantined in Wuhan creating comics for kids about not being afraid and a GE Healthcare engineer making a treacherous trip to help make ventilators were the other mentions on the list.
“These examples set a high bar, and not every company can set up a health center or help make ventilators. But even small gestures can make a difference, and companies shouldn’t hesitate to share how they’re supporting their employees and helping essential workers during these difficult times,” it said, adding the list was drawn from analysis of posts on LinkedIn.
Twitter separately put a post on ‘Brands Leading The Way – How are brands connecting with people during these uncertain times?’
Brands are informing, connecting, helping and entertaining, it said.
On those informing people with helpful, relevant and actionable inflation, Twitter listed Google empowering teachers, Diageo pleading to make hand sanitisers, The Hindu advocating for social distancing, Ciscow opening up free webinars and Dettol telling how to safeguard oneself.
Under a section on how people are looking for ways to stay connected while social distancing, it listed Microsoft, Slack bringing all calls together, LinkedIn making hiring front-line workers easy and Big Bazaar covering daily needs.
On brands offering support in time of need, it listed Reliance’s announcement of a slew of measures, including contribution of Rs 500 crore to PM-CARES Fund to ensure the nation remains prepared, fed, supplied and connected during these unprecedented times.
Other brands on that list were Zomato launching ‘Feed The Daily Wager’, Taj Hotels feeding medical staff, Uber launching driver care fund and Oppo India’s consumer first approach.
On brands entertaining people, it listed Netflix, Durex, Tinder and Mercedes-Benz. (PTI)


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