Transformers damaged

Assuming for a while that the uprising in Kashmir valley is what the insurgents call “freedom movement”, which it absolutely is not at all, yet have we any history of any freedom movement to tell us that activists have in the course of their fight with the administration, damaged, destroyed, pillaged, burnt and smashed public properties like bridges, stores, electric installations, transformers, offices, banks, patwarkhanas and many other public installations. A situation, in which such things happen, is a situation of chaos, lawlessness and anarchy.
A hundred transformers have been damaged during the course of turmoil in last two months and more. Scores of villages have plunged into darkness. Student community has been deprived of electricity so that they would continue their studies. Life is paralyzed in absence of electric power. PDD functionaries say they are not prepared to risk the lives of their employees because there is no law and order round the corner. Maybe some of the transformers have been repaired but majority remain untouched. Most of the damaged transformers are in South Kashmir districts where disturbance still continues. Obviously we wish that transformers are repaired immediately and power connection restored but it would be asking too much from PDD to put the precious lives of its workers at risk. We cannot suggest that and all that we can do is make an appeal to the public in South Kashmir to shun violence and return to normal life and save people from unnecessary suffering.


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