Traffic chaos in Jammu

The passion to own a car is a good developmental sign but to get a car only to occupy already chocked roads and lanes for their parking is creating problems. The intensity of this trend may not look as horrible now as it is going to prove within a span of two to three years. It has the ramifications of leading to sporadic acts of violence due to quarrels taking place. It has started , the intensity is to be yet seen. It is astonishing that not only on roads on both sides are cars parked overnight and during peak hours of the day too but even in small lanes and galies of mohallas making it difficult for those who own car and have space at home for their parking but finding it difficult to move out on roads  as vehicles block these lanes owned by those who have no space at home for parking.
Government has to address this serious problem , and at the start let parking slots be made available in colonies and rented out to such vehicle owners on payment. Plots of land can be purchased to convert them into paid parking areas to get rid of the menace of irresponsible parking.
Yours etc…
Sunil  Shastri


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