Towards New India

O P Sharma
This 124 – page book entitled ‘Nav Bharat Nirman’ in Hindi is by a prolific and an eminent writer, Kewal Krishan Sharma hailing from Kishtwar. He has written more than a dozen books in our national language and also few in English. One of his books ‘Kishtwar Darpan’ has been selected for prestigious National Award by the Ministry of Human Resource Development, New Delhi during the year 2016.
The book under review contains 63 chapters on various issues, topics and developmental schemes and also views of the Prime Minister, Narendra Modi. The writer it seems, has fascination for the fast-tracking policies and initiatives taken during the past few years.
Padamshree Dr. Jitender Udhampuri, Sahitya Akademi awardee, has written foreword for this Hindi book. He has lauded the creative faculties of Kewal Krishan Sharma and pointed out that the people will be benefitted by reading this book. He has a good word for this writer. While the author Kewal Krishan Sharma has expressed the viewpoint that the aim is to sensitize the people about the cardinal policy objective of ‘Sab Ka Sath, Sabka Vikas and Sabka Vishwas’. Significantly, the book begins with ‘Vandana’ offering prayer to Lord Ganesha.
The poetic composition ‘Dhanya Dhanya Hey Matri Bhoomi Tu’ addressed to motherland speaks highly that in Prime Minister Narendra Modi country has found a new Helmsman with a new resolve to build a framework of action which would drain out un-healthy infections in the body politics of the country and usher an era of lasting peace, progress and prosperity.
The writer has exhibited tremendous endeavours in expressing his feelings on nationalism communal harmony and national integrity. He pleads India to be land of peace, prosperity, progress and happiness through his poems. The writer has also made an effort to change the mindset of people and help them over come the greed and anger which are main causes of stress and strain. It is a unique insight of Kewal Krishan Sharma that his pen portrays the present and has vision of the future.
In poem ‘Bachpan’ a child requests his elders to teach him reading and writing and not to indulge him in stone pelting.
“Mujhey Likhovo Paraho, Neik Raste Dhikhavo
Meiy Bachpan Houn, Hare hath Meiy Pathar mat thamao”
In chapter 34 regarding ‘New Kashmir’ writer aspires for good governance and efficient administration in respect of addressing public grievances and end of corruption in public life after the abrogation of Article 370 and 35A.
The writer is deeply influenced and fascinated by the eloquent, miraculous and meaningful speeches of the Prime Minister, Narendra Modi and has elaborated some selected phrases and sentences from his speeches in his own words:
“Soughand Mujhey Is Matti ki
Meiy Desh Na Jhukney Dhunga”
(The firm commitment is to safeguard honour and national integrity of the country in all circumstances and at all costs) The main theme is on the ‘Nav Bharat Nirman’ transformation under the Modi Government, as well as ethical values. The book is informative and is of great importance.
Mr. Sharma is president of Sahitya Kala Sangam Kishtwar and also Swami Vivekanand Sawadhyay Mandal Kishtwar. He is also associated with other social and literary organizations and take active part in them.
The readers will find this book interesting , informative and thought provoking. The students and younger generation will certainly get much inspiration.
(Starline Syndicates Service)