Tourist Reception Centre Pahalgam

Neither an alternate site is allotted, nor at the same place, where the famous Tourist Reception Centre (TRC) in Pahalgam of Anantnag district in Kashmir stood until June 2014 when a devastating fire reduced it to ashes, reconstruction of the building is decided. It had been opined that a new site could be allotted to the building and only thereafter a suitable building complex could be erected but as on date, the position remains unchanged.
The ” difficulties ” of the Revenue Department , however, are not known as to why despite having been approached by the Tourism Department many a time , they have not all these six years allotted a piece of land for construction of the complex building. That shows the extent of absence of working in tandem and cooperation between different departments of the UT. One thing, however, must be noted that they have not ”refused” either but have reportedly been giving ”assurances”. A known tourist destination like Pahalgam in Kashmir without a TRC can be just like a toast without butter or a curry without salt. It is, therefore, expected that the authorities concerned looked into the issue and resolved the same at an early date.