Thousands swarm HK leader’s office as calls grow to quit

HONG KONG, Oct 2:  Thousands of Hong Kong pro-democracy protesters massed to block entry to the offices of their city’s embattled leader early today in an attempt to force a dialogue, as calls for his resignation grew louder.
More than 3,000 protesters gathered outside Leung Chun-ying’s office in the early hours, chanting for the chief executive – seen by critics as a Beijing stooge – to step down, while police equipped with riot helmets and shields stood firm behind barricades.
“We’re trying to surround the entire government complex and wait for CY (Leung) to come back to work on Friday (after yesterday’s public holiday),” protester Thomas Choi told AFP.
“We want to talk to him face to face.”
Four days of peaceful demonstrations have seen tens of thousands of people take over key districts and highways in Hong Kong as they call on Beijing to grant free elections to the semi-autonomous city.
Last night, one of the student leaders organising the protests threatened to step up the action – including a possible attempt to occupy government offices – if Leung did not resign by today.
“We will consider having different operating actions in future days, including occupying other places like important government offices,” said Agnes Chow of student movement Scholarism.
Students have been at the forefront of the demonstrations but others have expanded their ranks since riot police tear-gassed protesters on Sunday night, in chaotic scenes that triggered an outpouring of support.
With yesterday and today both public holidays in Hong Kong, many workers have been free to swell the masses in the streets. (AGENCIES)


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