There is no seriousness in Pakistan offer for talks : MEA

NEW DELHI:There is no seriousness in Pakistan’s repeated reference or offer for talks, the Ministry of External Affairs said here on Friday and maintained that if authorities in that country were serious why there is “no action” yet against terrorists who were responsible for Mumbai and Pathankot terror attacks.

“Agar Pakistan baat chit ke liye tayar hae to unke taraf se Mumbai aur Pathankot terrorists attacks ke terrorists, unke khilaf abhi tak koi action kyo nahi liya gaya (If Pakistan is serious about talks as they say, why so far no action against those terrorists who were responsible for Mumbai and Pathankot terror attacks),” MEA spokesman Raveesh Kumar told reporters here.

Posing a few questions for the Imran Khan government and authorities in Pakistan, the spokesman further said, “If they are really serious about talks, why they are allowing their own territories to be used by terrorists and terror groups”.
“….Such terrorist and terrorist groups are also allowed to operate in Pakistan, who do not target only India but also some other places,” he said.
The strong reactions from the Ministry of External Affairs spokesman comes in reference to Imran Khan recently stating in an media interview that New Delhi has not been responding positively to his peace overtures. (AGENCIES)


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