The humane guest

Mehak Varun

Being trapped ?
Not exactly 40 days and still clueless. Locked down within the vicinity of our houses has made us to think- what life really is!
One virus has locked down the entire world. Is it even possible? Who would have thought that a time will come when each one of us, the entire human race, all the free souls on this planet will be left in quarantine? Who would have imagined that the world will come to a halt, though time still doesn’t stop for anyone and anything.
Question within
Why do we really feel trapped? Are we trapped amongst ourselves or within ourselves? Who exactly is pinning us down? Is it the outside world or our own mind?
I genuinely feel this is a self-realization mechanism and an opportunity which we might never get. We have got the chance to rebuild ourselves and make our innerself more clear about our strengths and weaknesses and come out with ever enchanting colours.
Quarantine is the need of the hour, not ensnaring ourselves!
Recently, I saw a flock of birds soaring majestically overhead, enjoying the clear sky. It made me realise what netherworld we were creating. Time flies and we are really not navigating it well. I couldn’t see any of the birds flying so freely since I have grown up. Time is surely uncertain for us but nature has its own way of teaching. Whatever I used to see as a child, I am able to recollect all those memories live again.
‘Let our mind be a free bird, open wide. If we cage it, it will surely die. Be kind to oneself.’
Whether in quarantine or not, there is a lot of confusion. We have started seeing other people with suspicious eyes. Each one looks down on other as if they are untouchables. These eerie thoughts are leading to more stress and anxiety. There is a feeling of uncertainty and helplessness about the future. But, what we are forgetting is that this situation is for each and every person. Each one us is responsible for each one of us. There is no clear answer but isolation.
Why can’t we make this isolation worth? Everyone is so busy in their respective lives, nobody has time for their friends, family or even for themselves. Let us give time to our parents, to our children, to our spouses, to ourselves. Let’s initiate the thought of care and emotions which is, sadly, hiding from todays society (specially millennials). This is truly a lifetime opportunity to unfold our love for our loved ones, to unfurl our trueself, to realise the worth of our own mind.
Instill positivity
The air is absurd, the environment is too scary , the dark silence is also screaming. There is so much emptiness around. Don’t let this emptiness enter our heart.
The hope still persists. The dream shall never die. The world, its people are actually learning the use of both calmness and strength simultaneously. This corona is teaching us the way life should be lived. We cannot win everything with money and power. The reality is making its way through the passage of clarity and positivity, patience and resilience.
We have seen it all. From tsunami, earthquakes, to many more crisis holding us from our necks. But, we have always managed to come out more strongly with courage and compassion.
Soon, the sky shall be pink. The temple-bells shall again create a pious surrounding. Kids will again run around and everything will be back to normal but with a happy difference.
We just need to remain in our homes. Let’s rejuvenate ourselves by being a child again. Let’s promise not to let our fear turn into hatred, not to let our temporary isolation convert into loneliness, not to let our doubts take the shape of complaints. Don’t let this disease make our soul suffer. Don’t let the power of our unconscious mind hide the happiness, the cheerfulness, all little craziness from our soul. Don’t let the power of our strong mind control us in the shades of sheer darkness. Don’t let the clutches of our own mind hold us back to torture, to belittle the very existence of our calmness.
“Don’t hold hands, but don’t let them go”


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