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Auction Notice.01 of 2021 Dated: 13-10-2021
Subject: Auction of Un-serviceable Stocks lying at Regional Office, Jammu.
Managing Director, JKHPMC, invites Quotations, in sealed envelopes, affixed with Rs. 2/- Revenue Stamp from registered dealers/agencies or persons for Auction of Un-serviceable Stocks at Regional Office (RO) Jammu with details as per the following Terms & Conditions :-
1. The “Minimum Reserve Price” of the Unserviceable Stocks is fixed as Rs. 1,30,000/- (Rupees One Lakh thirty Thousand Only). No Bid will be accepted with ‘Quoted Price’ less than the “Minimum Reserve Price”.
2. The Earnest Money (Security) Deposit amount of Rs 5,000/- (Rupees Five Thousand Only) shall be deposited by the Bidders, with their Bids, in the form of CDR pledged to MD, JKHPMC Ltd. Srinagar.
3. The successful Bidder shall mandatorily deposit 50% of the Final Bid amount (i.e., their Quoted Value) at the time of receipt of Allotment. The remaining amount shall be deposited at the time of completion of Lifting of the items and the material so lifted shall only be allowed to be shifted out from the RO after making the due payment.
4. The Quotation should be addressed to Managing Director, JKHPMC Ltd. Rajbagh Srinagar.
5. The Quotation should reach the office of the undersigned within Seven (07) Days from the date of issuance of this Notice i.e. 21-10-2021 5 PM.
6. The Quotation shall be opened on the next working day, proposed on 22-10-2021 11 AM, in presence of intending quotationers or their representatives who may wish to be present.
7. The “Lifting” shall be done by the Successful bidder within a period of Three (03) days from the date ofAllotment, without failure.
8. The undersigned reserves the right to accept or reject all Quotations without assigning any reason thereof.
9. The rates should be quoted, for “Whole Lot”, inclusive of all taxes, levies etc. FOR JKHPMC Narwal, Jammu.
10. Conditional Quotation(s) shall not be entertained.
11. The successful Tenderer(s) shall be responsible for lifting of the Stocks and avoid any damage, under normal conditions, to the facility/buidling housing the said Stocks.
12. Intending Bidders/Dealers are advised to inspect the Items to be Auctioned and assess their bids accordingly, by or before the closing date of the submission of their quotes.
13. The Quotationer is required to furnsihGST Registration, PAN Card, Aadhar Card and a Letter quoting the amount on their Firm’s/Agency’s Letter Head duly signed and sealed by the Authorized Signatory, mentioning the Agency Name, Address, Email ID, Mobile No. etc. failing which the Bid(s) shall be rejected.
DIP/J-3661-P/21 Managing Director
Dt: 19-10-2021 JKHPMC Ltd