Technology and development

The Modi Government’s unabashed use of technology for the economy, emblematic of its recent decision to demonetize high denomination notes and triggering off a tumult across the nation in a bid to propel people to cashless dealings, is no doubt in keeping with his declared credo of minimum Government and maximum governance. His digital predilections right from the run-up to his electoral battle in May 2014 and till date manifest in various acts of his government is no doubt desirable. But in a country where the use of mobile phone has penetrated into far-flung areas with no matching spurt in literacy and numeracy among millions of people eking out their existence on the margins of mundane life, technology provides no solution to the complexities of quotidian life. But this does not necessarily invalidate the immense use to which technology could be harnessed in building the physical infrastructure and other basic parameters of development such as health and education to innumerable people who do not see any shaft of light in their somber day-to-day living.
Yours etc….
G Srinivasan
New Delhi


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