Teacher recruitment

State Education Department is contemplating some important changes in the direct recruitment rules for teachers in School Education Department. So far the minimum requirement of recruitment of a junior teacher was 10+2 but now it will be graduation. This means that the Government will be bringing criteria of direct recruitment at par with the NCTE, which had set Graduation as minimum qualification for teachers in 2011. The number of untrained teachers across the State is to the tune of 22,000 and according to changed rules the department intends to get these untrained teachers trained through IGNOU/NIOS in B.Ed/D.EL.Ed. The Education Department is likely to enter into an agreement with these organizations.
It is necessary that the knowledge of teachers with Degree in Education should be upgraded in the light of vast improvement in the e-learning. The number of such teachers across the state is 84,000. Upgrading of knowledge among the teachers will be covered under knowledge up-gradation scheme, and 35,000 under e-learning module. The objective of such reforms is to improve the overall education standard in Jammu and Kashmir. The State must keep the standards improving year after year and thus come to international level of knowledge through e-learning.
These are healthy reforms if implemented in right earnest. A large number of teachers with just 10+2 qualification and no training in education were employed on the recommendation of the local MLAs and others in a bid to win over political support. Now that those who have been recruited have been regularized as far as service rules are concerned, have to be given some amount of training in the profession to make them a successful teacher. We appreciate the reforms, which are mandatory to keep pace with the rest of country.


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