Surge in target killings in Kashmir


Since they fully realise that nothing was going to be achieved either by them or by those elements in power in the neighbouring hostile country who prompt and induct them in executing rabid violent incidents , militants and their masters have not only changed the tactics of executing terror activities but have crossed all limits even of the savagery. They walk into the pre-identified spot and fire at the victim from point blank range from pistols and other arms that could be carried even in pockets. They are so inhuman that they kill a woman teacher after identifying her ”properly” as also a teacher similarly identified right in their school at Sangam near Iddgah in Srinagar demonstrating how frenzy, hate, prejudice, and satanic characteristics were their base, premise and the ”cause” to press for or pursue. They, only 48 hours back walked straight up to a poor street vendor in Lal Bazar Srinagar who was eking out his living by selling panni poori and shot him dead killing the Dihadi vendor Virendra Kumar hailing from Bihar, instantaneously. Only half an hour before that killing, a famous chemist Makhan Lal Bindroo was mowed down by a volley of bullets right in his shop at Hari Singh High Street while he was busy dispensing medicines to customers, killing him on the spot. Again, within half an hour, another targeted killing that of Mohammed Shafi ‘Sonu’ in Shahgund Bandipor Kashmir took place depicting either the residual militant structure having run amok, having become desperate and choosing in the most cowardly manner their targets, stealthily walking up to the selected spot and the soft target, and killing him or her on the spot. That within just 48 hours they can strike with such savagery again and enter before noon a place of learning – a Higher Secondary School – only to identify the two victims by their faith and to kill them in cold blood is simply inhuman. Even savages have some consideration for women but all that Kashmir was known for was trampled by these killers when they killed the Principal Supinder Kour and the teacher Deepak Chand. With this, the number of innocent and unarmed civilians killed by militants has gone up to seven over the past five days out of which in the city of Srinagar alone as many as six were killed. The manner, the design, the tactics and the manoeuvrings resorted to by these killers over the last few days must be a cause of concern not only for the UT administration and the security forces but for the general public too who must organise themselves against this cancer of terror which could spread to unimaginable limits and engulf one or the other in the near future under the pretext of manufactured, unfounded and diabolically mischievous labels and tags put on the slain victims through their most objectionable ”responsibility owning” statements issued later by terror organisations like some newly floated ones. Pakistan and its notorious ISI are fully involved in the recent terror attacks on soft targets in Kashmir as such types of attacks have wider scope to spread terror and scare the people across the valley. Pakistan frantically trying to upping its terror and hate agenda against India by arranging a spurt in terror activities in Kashmir by employing the traits of radicalization, indoctrination and providing all logistical support to militants. It must be noted that the recent killings in Kashmir are not and should not be taken as random killings but with a larger diabolical and increasingly mischievous agenda. The time is to restore more confidence in the people in Kashmir, especially the ones belonging to minority communities. The need to highly energize and sharpen the teeth of the intelligence network and sources providing vital information is paramount. Again, the need has arisen to deploying of more forces which were withdrawn due to improvement in the overall position and to put the security forces on more alert to not only prevent but pre-empt any more of such attacks. We reiterate that the biggest antidote and deterrent to such rabid, perverse and misled gun totting people is common peoples’ resistance, rejection and ostracising these misled and indoctrinated militants. Such elements otherwise are hell bent upon reversing everything that is related to treading a path of doing routine activities, trade and commerce, children’s education, tourism related economic activities, office and institutional output and at the top of it, never allow normalcy, peace, and semblance of a normal fearless life to be ensured to be lived. In the meantime, all out energies and resources need to be expended in apprehending the killers and subjecting them to the rigours of law under a fast track judicial process.