‘Supreme soul’ is within you, come out of ignorance: Puri Ji

Excelsior Correspondent

Swami Hari Chaitnya Puri Ji delivering religious discourse at Parade Ground in Jammu on Sunday. — Excelsior/ Rakesh
Swami Hari Chaitnya Puri Ji delivering religious discourse at Parade Ground in Jammu on Sunday. — Excelsior/ Rakesh

JAMMU, Sept 27: While describing that the `Supreme Soul’ is within human being and people are trying to search that ‘Parmatma’ in temples and other places, renowned spiritual Guru Swami Hari Chaitnya Puri Ji Maharaj today said that it is important to come out of ignorance and realize this fact.
Addressing large religious assembly at Parade Ground on the third consecutive day here today, Swami Chaitnya Puri Ji said that God is omnipresent. “He is within you, every one. There is need to go for self-introspection of this truth. When you surrender to that Supreme soul, bring purity in thoughts and have full faith on Him, you will feel many miracles in your life. God says, you walk a step towards me, I will move four steps closer to you. There is need to have full faith, `Aastha’ love and strong desire within you to attain Him”, Swami Ji said.
Referring to the influence of `Maya’ and its evils like anger, greed, hatred etc, Swami Ji said by ‘Satsang’ and constantly preaching God, Yog etc, one can come out of the influence of these evils. It may be very difficult but nothing is impossible. Anger causes more damage to a person who gets influenced by it. It causes blood pressure, hypertension and create negative energies within a man influenced by it. And for example, if a trader knows about the loss in particular business, he will never go for it. Same way, if a person would come to know about the damages being caused he may start getting rid of it. It happens with practice and when you reach a stage to develop inner peace within yourself it means you are more close to God.
Swami Ji said different religions and sects have different beliefs and faiths to preach God. They also follow different paths as per their faith but they are heading towards the same destination. The goal is same for all. Purity of soul is must. Puri Ji said that peace is the ultimate and real treasure in man’s life.
The spiritual Guru further said that love, brotherhood, peace and kindness are the teachings of all the religions. They all tell about preaching God. Some religious Gurus are dividing the people and creating hatred among the masses. Love is the basic to reach up to the God. All are the creation of that one Supreme Soul. He said Hinduism has always prayed for the world peace and well being of all the human beings in the world.
“We should adopt all good deeds and actions of all those great souls (Mahapurshas) who have struggled a lot to achieve eternal peace. Such persons are worshipped as true human beings. A person to grab goodness/ knowledge never hesitates to learn from the lowest form of being,” Swami Ji said.


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