This has reference to the article ‘Divisive forces and Sub-regionalism’ DE Jan 29, 2019.
It is very disturbing that political parties in the State do not have a clear policy on keeping Jammu and Kashmir as single administrative unity. The voices for dividing the State into smaller administrative geographical units will not only hamper the development of the State, but will polarise the State on regional and linguistic lines. In case that happened it will be a great catastrope.
The political party, which may be at the helm of affairs, should try to develop all the three provinces equally by allocating them their due share in jobs, allotments and representation in all spheres of life. There should be no discrimination on basis of caste, colour or sex.
If Ladakh is demanding a separate division today, it is because it feels that it has been let down by the successive Government, vis-a-vis development. Had State Governments given them their due share, demand for a separate division would not have arisen.
Let us see a united Jammu and Kashmir in the days to come.
Ranjit Singh
Nanak Nagar


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