Streamlining education sector

No amount of legislation and norms can be of any use if the men engaged for implementation lack sincerity and dedication. It is quite heartening that our State gained highest educational standard despite many upheavals, geographical odds, militancy and poverty. But  lassitude, mismanagement, corruption and nepotism remained operating in the department during the preceding 2-3 decades, rendered the educational phenomenon totally tasteless and it lacks attraction to the extent that even a common man with least affordable economic capability, doesn’t like to send his ward in  a Govt school.
It is no denying the fact that Mid-day meal like scheme exists, provision for free books and uniforms prevails and significantly, the teachers engaged, are well educated and trained. Closing of numerous schools for want of required enrolment of students, is indicative of slow schooling process due to poorly managed schools. Obviously, there has been rush of students in private schools. In the present era of globalisation and economic race in the society, hardly any parents can take risk of career of his children. But closing of schools is no solution to the problem. What is required is streamling of the system by keeping the dragon of corruption away.
To restore the lost faith and trust of the masses in Govt schools, something really effective is needed to be done. Providing facilities doesn’t mean dissipation of quality education which is the dire need of the time. The system needs to be result oriented and purposeful to shape the career of a child. Recent efforts in terms of transfer policy formulated by the coalition Govt and many more steps in this direction would surely ameliorate our schooling system in future.
Yours etc….
Keshwa  Nand Sharma
Salehri (Sunder Bani)


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