Steven Tyler tries to leave a note in Cyrus’ hotel room door

LOS ANGELSES, June 3:  Aerosmith singer Steven Tyler shared a video on Twitter that shows him trying to leave a note for Miley Cyrus under her hotel room door in Finland.
In the video, titled “Room Service in Helsinki,” the 66-year-old shows up towards the singer’s suite.
“Oooooh, I think Miley Cyrus is here. But Shhhhh – she’s very very sleepy.”
Tyler, dressed in his usual flamboyant style, holds up the handwritten note he wants to leave for the singer, who’s in the country on her Bangerz tour. He tries to slip it under her door before finally leaving it in the key hole.
Cyrus retweeted his video but it is not clear whether the two singers met up. (PTI)


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