A step towards nature

“Earth provides enough to satisfy human need, but not every man’s greed.” These beautiful lines have been said by Mahatma Gandhi ji who threw light not only on truth and non-violence but also on the earth which is providing everything for the survival of the living beings. As we follow these key ingredients of Gandhiji”s thought from the last century, we should also follow what his thoughts were about the protection of the mother earth.
As we all know that earth is the only planet where life exists and all the beautiful natural resources have been blessed by the Almighty only on this planet. Today, all these natural resources have been threatened by the disasters. The cause of these problems is overexploitation of natural resources. Man has become so selfish that for his profits, he is totally playing with these natural resources. It is the result of this overexploitation of that the concepts like pollution, global warming, greenhouse effect, soil health problems, water scarcity and many other harmful problems have started to happen. Ecological balance has totally been disturbed. Climate has changed which has resulted in drought like conditions in one area and floods in other area.
Many useful practices if taken in a proper manner can help cope up with these problems otherwise these problems will completely wash out the remaining conserved resources. So, little practices if started from our homes and then up to the society can help us a lot to escape from the disasters. In our homes, we generally waste a lot of water without any worry. This practice which we do in a daily manner is also a major cause of water related problems in many areas. So we should use only that much amount of water which is needed.
It has become a need to take care of these resources without any self-interest.
Preeti Sharma
Division of Agronomy


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