Status of women

This refers to the editorial’ Sad Commentary ‘(DE, Mar 11, 2015).There is no doubt that there has been a significant rise in the socio- economic staus of women after the independence. We have had the woman Prime Minister of the stature and vision of Smt. Indira Gandhi who is recognized as a global statesman. In post independent era  women have occupied key positions such as the President of India, Chief Ministers, Lok Sabha Speakers, Governors,Top bureaucrats,judges and the like.Today we have women in the hitherto male dominated bastions such as Indian Army, Indian Navy,Indian Air Force and even Indian Railways.Women in India have also earned name and fame as players, mountaineers, scientists, artists,poets, writers, social crusaders, journalists, etc.Not only this, girls often outshine boys in academic and professional examinations. In short, there is no sphere which has not been invaded by the Indian women.Thus, they have exploded the age old myth that they are the weaker sex whose role is confined to the household affairs.
But in the midst of all this,many women in India are still steeped in illiteracy, superstitions,ignorance and subjected to gender bias.They are molested and harrassed on the crowded buses,trains and workplaces. It is shameful that a woman is raped in India after every twenty minutes.The newspapers often contain many reports of women having been gangraped and brutally treated.They are paid less wages by some unscrupulous employers, especially in the unorganized sector.They become easy targets of the dictates of Khap Panchayats and other such  organisations who become their sole guardians to decide as to what they should wear and how to behave at home and outside.Their representation in the Parliament, State Legislative Assemblies, Supreme Court,High Courts, Municipal Corporations/ Councils and other decision making bodies is abysmally low and not proportionate to their population.
There is need to redress these issue to provide them  the honour and dignified position they once enjoyed in Indian society.
Yours etc…
Ankait Sharma, Udhampur


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