State’s basic healthcare facilities a sham

Should basic health care facilities be just for the name sake, is not only to be addressed to the Government authorities but to those who under the oath of Hippocrates are unwilling to serve in rural areas. Who has to take care of those living in villages and far flung areas? Even to those, who are sitting in decision making bodies and in planning and administrative sections of the system, this question needs to be asked. Why should the man power crisis not be tackled? Why should the Government not make it obligatory for each Doctor to serve for at least three years in a rural area followed by two in a semi urban area ? Government run Health centres are desperately pitching for improving their health of management.
Unless healthcare concerns of our people living in rural, hilly and far flung areas are addressed, all claims mostly tall ones made by the Government, are nothing short of gimmicks. Figures of Rural Health Survey of the Government of India, if believed, are only negating all high claims of the State Government in performing better on healthcare front and being seriously concerned about improving upon them from time to time. The need of the hour is to take a holistic view of the entire problem, find out the areas needing immediate resolution and progressively bring the system on rails as we do not expect overnight miracles from the Government looking to its ‘traditional working culture’.


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