Statehood for Jammu

Apropos ‘Statehood a tossing toy for Politicians’ by Mahesh Chander Sudan.
While we are very keen to get Statehood, we do not want it with Kashmir. Let them enjoy either own status whatever they deserve or get but we want, the separate State of Jammu. We will be content with the original Jammu Raj of Maharaja Gulab Singh of 1833 from where he started to build a unique Empire of the Dogras which provided not only the strategic depth but also buffer to withstand whatever is happening today.
We cannot continue making mistakes after mistakes. Now is the chance to get our State back, only the Jammu State. We have suffered so much, not only in the hands of the Kashmiri Ministers, but from Jammu Ministers and the bureaucracy as well who only play to their tune and damage us. No more. Once it is Jammu State they will depend upon the voters, not their Kashmiri masters. Now is the time people should think about Jammu.
Gen Goverdan Singh Jamwal