Sporadic target killings

What will the perpetrators of target killing in Kashmir obtain except the immediate aftermaths of it presaging destruction for them , is perhaps known to them and fairly well. With such acts of killing in cold blood innocents including women not only the killers are giving acquiesce directly and indirectly to the visiting of the inevitable to them – a death of disgust but are furthering the distance between the general public and them of losing every grain of sympathy even by playing the emotive card of and for the sake of religion. A person going to his fields to water the crops talking to his family members during the course till late evening but not returning home by the time expected after having finished the work was later found lying dead in a pool of blood near his residence in Pampore Kashmir , shows how macabre and hard hearted sans any fear of law or the God ,these killers of humanity known as ‘militants’ are.
The victim Farooq Ahmed Mir was a valiant policeman of Jammu and Kashmir Police working as a Sub Inspector and his martyrdom has devastated a happy family, the wife losing her husband , the two daughters and the son their father and the victim’s elderly father his dear son . The wails, shrieks and gushing tears from the eyes of the family members of the martyred brave heart are accompanied by all curses and so is the case of all those innocents who fell to the bullets of these misguided and misled militants. Jammu and Kashmir Police personnel known for their devotion to duty and courage have unfortunately lost nine brave hearts during this year alone as a result of such attacks by the coward militants. Over Ground Workers (OGWs) still active at many places act as information carriers and logistics supporters and Sub Inspector Farooq Mir who had come home on leave and was shot right in the paddy fields of his native village in Samboora , Pampore indicating about pointed information about him with the militants.
Needless to add, the 32 years of trails of bloodshed and destruction caused by Pakistan sponsored and sustained terrorism in Jammu and Kashmir , has stooped so low that innocents working in offices, going to attend duty in schools and Government departments or just accompanying children from tuition centre back home or a local police officer on leave working in his fields or a petty vendor selling eatables or poor labourers etc are targeted and killed in cold blood . What are they going to achieve must be thought over by them. Equally, Pakistan must shut all the terror camps operating with the sole aim of fomenting trouble in Kashmir valley and behave as a civilized nation failing which it shall have now to pay heavily the price of sponsoring and funding terrorism.
While our heart goes out to the bereaved family and dear ones of the martyred Police Officer of Jammu and Kashmir Police , we hope that the killers will soon be apprehended and made to pay for their heinous crime.