Speaker inaugurates Revive Health Care Clinic at Trikuta Nagar

Excelsior Correspondent

JAMMU, Aug 13: Speaker Legislative Assembly, Kavinder Gupta today inaugurated the Revive Health Care Clinic at Trikuta Nagar near here in the presence of several senior doctors and other dignitaries of the town. Renowned Doctor Sunil Chowdhari was the guest of honour on the occasion.
On the occasion, Kavinder Gupta said, “Jammu being one of the most dynamic towns has always welcomed initiatives which endorses health and wellness. With a large population of the city being health thoughtful, this specialized health center will cater to the needs of people who are on the outlook for healthy living. This initiative also aligns with Government’s vision of promoting Yoga worldwide and also give imputes to Government’s consistent efforts of promoting health care and education. “We all congratulate Revive Health Care Clinic for its efforts in bringing specialized care for the community in Jammu. He also stressed on the importance of awareness generation regarding specialized care. He stated that traditional systems of treatment such as Yoga therapies combined with modern day advanced medical systems have the potential to prevent and treat many health care conditions and improving lives.
“As our nation’s population grows, the need for healthy life practices and pregnancy care is ever increasing” said Dr Latika Dutta, Center head and owner of Revive Health Care Clinic. She further said “we are very excited about our maiden foray in Jammu with our first of its kind holistic clinic which is focused on restoring, rejuvenating and replenishing health.”
She said Revive Health Care Clinic will offer a variety of free health and pregnancy care services in the coming weeks as part of the clinic’s inaugural offer for the town. Special activities include free Yoga sessions and Nutrition and Diet counselling from 9 to 11 a.m. Monday-Saturday; free blood pressure checks from 1 to 3 p.m. Wednesday; free weight management counselling for women from 3 to 5 p.m. from Aug 17 will also be made available .
Revive Health Care Clinic is a speciality facility that provides a set of curated services for mothers to be and for everyone else interested to enhance their wellbeing through integrative care, she added.
She said Revive offers four different kinds of classes, some more intense than others. There are plans to add other locations in Jammu and surrounding areas in the coming days.


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