Speaker assures justice to everyone in LS functioning

NEW DELHI, June 6: Describing her assignment as glorious and challenging, newly elected Lok Sabha Speaker Sumitra Mahajan today assured members that she would not let them down and try to do justice by fulfilling their expectations.

Expressing gratitude to members for electing her unanimously, the 71-year-old Indore MP said country’s 1.25 billion people have put faith in the elected members with the expectation that their hopes and aspirations will be fulfilled.

“If we discharge our responsibility dutifully and with dedication, then only we will be able to fulfil those expectations of the people,” she said.

Mahajan said it is a challenge for leaders of political parties to do their best to bring peace, prosperity and development in the country and begin a new era.

“In this election, there was a clear mandate for good governance and development and it is the responsibility to honour this mandate and take forward the country for prosperity and development,” she said.

The Speaker said the recent election saw participation of 82 crore voters, which was a record.

Seeking cooperation, Mahajan said only through meaningful and extensive debate by members, the House could enact legislations which will bring welfare to the people.

She asked MPs to actively participate in the functioning of various parliamentary committees.

Mahajan said Parliament is known for enlightened and civilised debate where every member tries to carry forward this glorious tradition, even though sometimes it gets disoriented.

The Speaker said it was quite natural to have members from different ideologies but all them should cooperate in the smooth functioning of the House.

She hailed the declaration of Prime Minister Narendra Modi even before assuming the high office that he would be the Prime Minister of 1.25 billion and every MP is equal before him.

Acknowledging 18th century social reformer Ahilyabai Holkar as the inspirational figure throughout her life, Mahajan said she would try her best to continue the glorious legacy of former Lok Sabha Speakers beginning with G V Mavalankar. (PTI)


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