SP against disruption of House by opposition

NEW DELHI, Aug 22:
Advocating debate on CAG reports including on the coal block allocation, Samajwadi Party today said functioning of Parliament involves public money and should not be wasted on disruption of the House.
“MPs are signing the register and going home. By signing the attendance register they become eligible for daily allowance,” SP leader Mohan Singh told reporters outside Parliament.
Disapproving the continued disruption of the House, he said, “This is Parliament. It does not run like this as public money is involved in the functioning of Parliament.”
Parliament continued to face disruptions for the second day as BJP-led opposition stuck to its demand of resignation of the Government over the coalgate scam. “There are so many issues to be raised. Now Opposition has large ammunition to fight against the Government. All three reports by CAG have damaging findings.
“If opposition agrees to debate these burning issues then Government will be exposed and a clear message will go to the public.  (PTI)


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