Soon, slap your cellphone to turn it silent

LONDON, Sept 18:
Engineers are developing a new technology which would allow you to ‘smack’ the screen of your mobile and silence its ringing.
Software giant Microsoft has patented the idea, suggesting it will find its way onto Windows Mobile phones soon.
The ‘whack-based audio control module’ sits at the centre of the phone, and awaits a suitable ‘whack’, to tell it to be quiet, the Daily Mail reported.
Microsoft’s method is that, when your phone rings, it will turn on the ‘accelerometer’, which tells the phone which direction it is pointing in and can spot sudden movements.
“There are a variety of circumstances under which it may be desirable to quickly control a device without having to interact with a traditional user interface,” Microsoft was quoted by the paper as stating in the patent.
“For example, often mobile device users forget to set their mobile devices in a silent or vibrate mode and the device rings or makes sounds at an inopportune moment,” it added.
The feature can been used if someone’s phone starts ringing during a big presentation or the final part of the wedding vows, instead of scrambling for the ‘off’ switch or the volume button, one can simply smack the screen and silence the phone.
Microsoft said the whack could silence ringtones, an accidental button-press, which turns the music on, an alarm or a text message sound. (PTI)


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