Soldier’s rare act of bravery

Excelsior Correspondent
UDHAMPUR, Mar 9: Showing exemplary courage and presence of mind, an Army jawan saved life of a man from drowning at village Shikaripura in Karnataka. Unfortunately he died due to drowning while rescuing a second person.
Sep Rakesh Kumar, a native of Karnataka was posted in Rashtriya Rifle battalion in J&K and had gone on leave to Anjaanpura. After Holi celebrations, he along with his friend went to a nearby water canal to take bath. After bath both friends were sitting along the bank and discussing life in army. Suddenly Rakesh heard shouts for help from two men who had apparently slipped and were drowning in the fast flowing canal water.
Rakesh without a second thought jumped into the canal to save the duo. After heroic efforts against the fast flowing current he rescued Raju and brought him to the bank. Although tired, he did not waste a minute and again took a plunge into the canal water to rescue Sudarshan. However he could not rescue Sudarshan and both died due to drowning.
Rakesh did what every soldier is taught to do in Army. This brave army man died while saving life of others. He is survived by his wife and a two year toddler. This rare act of bravery was narrated by Raju, the man rescued by Rakesh to Police. The commanding officer of his unit from J&K visited his hometown to pay his homage to this soldier.


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