Social media can be a boon or a curse, says Karan Johar

MUMBAI: Filmmaker Karan Johar on Monday said social media has it’s pros and cons.
The director-producer said social media is the best tool to reach out to millions of people but at the same time it has it’s negative side as at times certain things are misunderstood.
Karan’s comments comes after a video of his star-studded house party, which he shared on Instagram, created a
storm with many people alleging that it was a ‘drug party’.
“Social media has its plus and minuses. It is a boon and curse. It is a boon when you have to reach millions of
people and connect with the world.
“It is a curse when it is misused or misunderstood and has unnecessary added loops of negativity attached to it. But it is a reality of our existence, we have to deal with it, and hopefully, some of the negatives will get subsided by all the positivity that the world must have,” the director told reporters here.
The 47-year-old filmmaker was talking at the book launch event of “Love In The Time of Affluenza” written by
author Shunali Khullar Shroff.
Talking about the existence of love in the world of showbiz, in the wake of a spate of divorces in recent times,
Karan said one shouldn’t segregate the film industry.
“There is real love everywhere, why segregate show business and just say that there is no love? People go through divorces and septation not just in film fraternity.
“Just because the fraternity is discussed a lot, it is in your face, it is in papers, it is on social media but you
will be surprised to know what is happening around us and not just in the movies,” he said. (AGENCIES)


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