Social crimes must not be politicized, communalized: Jammu women

Excelsior Correspondent
JAMMU, Apr 7: The women of Jammu today sent out a very positive and strong message that social crimes must not be politicized or communalized but must deal as per law.
This was the consensus at the women’s roundtable conference organized today here at Press Club. The conference was organized by NGO Fahad Mir Foundation of Jammu and NGO Swar Raga of Haryana, and was attended by eminent women of Jammu who are acclaimed for their social work in diverse fields.
A number of research scholars from local universities and colleges, hailing from Jammu, Rajouri and Ladakh also participated in the conference.
Speaking at the conference, Ruchi Chauhan Khan, founder of Fahad Mir Foundation, said that social crimes should not be identified with any cast creed, religion, or particular strata. She emphasized that women are powerful enough to question and challenge any such negative development in the society.
Khan said that motherhood cannot be seen in divisive religious or communal terms. Women must play a very positive role and must steer the society in the correct direction, she said. “There is great need that enlightened and empowered women make a collective effort to come forth and address vital social issues that impact women”, she added.
She admitted that there was some delay by the women’s collective in addressing the critical issue of Ashifa rape and murder case. But she said that the message should go across the country and also globally that all atrocities against women or any vulnerable section must be seen as social challenges, and not twisted to suit political or communal agendas.
Rajni Shaleen Chopra, Director of NGO Swar Raga of Haryana, said that it is essential for the civil society to question each time a social crime is politicized and communalized.


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