Smriti Irani says budget focusses on inclusive growth for citizens

KOLKATA (West Bengal), Feb 4:
Union Minister for Women and Child development, Smriti Irani on Saturday held a press conference in Kolkata and lauded Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman for focussing on inclusive growth in the Union Budget 2023.
“The budget reflects Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s vision to build a new India. The Saptarishi mentioned in the budget is a reflection of that. Along with inclusive growth the budget also focusses on enhanced infrastructure and social investment for the future,” said Irani. “80 crore citizens of the country are getting free rations for the last two years. This year too, they will get free rations. The center has allotted 2 lakh crores for this purpose,” said the Minister.
“In her budget speech, finance minister has talked about cluster-based enterprises to empower the self-help groups of the country. During 2009-2014 period, only 19 lakh self-help groups were registered. After coming to power in 2014 to December 2022, 81 lakh self-help groups were registered,” said the Minister.
“With a capacity to interest rates of seven percent and above, this savings instrument particularly for the women of our country translates Narendra Modi’s vision of women-led Development,” she added.
“The capital expenditure of the Government has been increased to 10 lakh crores. It will not only have an effect on infrastructure growth, new job opportunities and will play a major role in strengthening the states,”
Talking about the interest-free loan to the states for 50 years, Irani said that the money will be used by the state governments to build infrastructure projects in the country.
“The money will be used to build infrastructure projects so that we can fuel not only the building of capital assets but also employment opportunities,” she said.
Talking about the small and micro enterprises she said, “Six thousand crore rupees have been allocated to Matsya Sampada Yojana to strengthen fish rearing, fishermen and fish sellers. The people of West Bengal, particularly those associated with fisheries, will benefit from this.”
“From the Pradhan Mantri Kisan Samman Yojana, 11 crore farmers of the country have been benefitted. 2 lakh 20 thousand crore rupees have been sent to the bank accounts of the farmers by the Modi Government,” said Irani. (ANI)
“I thank Prime Minister Narendra Modi for allocating 20 lakh crores to the Agricultural Credit Fund in the budget.
We are ensuring that this budget also makes us future ready. Hence, this budget talks about opening centers of Excellence for artificial intelligence. (ANI)
Speaking about the Hydrogen Mission mentioned in the budget, Irani said, “I feel very proud as an Indian to say that this is the world’s largest Hydrogen Mission.”
It complements the visionary leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, said Irani. (ANI)