Simple Jewellery tips for a stunning look

Kashish Gupta
The thought of whether jewellery is absolutely necessary must have crossed your mind a couple of times. Furthermore, I often find women shying away from accessorizing with jewellery as they do not know the perfect way to adorn it.
In this article, I will tell you why jewellery is necessary, and to make your life easy, I will also share expert styling tips that will make you look like an absolute diva. Read all about it below.
Why Is Jewellery Necessary?
First and foremost, a little bit of shimmer can transform you from a plain Jane to a dreamy princess.
Moreso, the right kind of jewellery accentuates the assets of your body and makes you look elegant and suave. All you need is a pair of danglers, a glistening choker, or even a simple cocktail ring to add that oomph factor to your ensemble.
Jewellery also speaks volumes about your taste and class and helps make a lasting first impression when paired with the right attitude.
Now that you are convinced how jewellery is so much more than just expensive metals and gemstones, below are some simple tips that will help you make the right impression everywhere you go.
Always Remember Less Is More
When making a decision on what pieces of jewellery to wear, remember less is more. Sometimes all you need is one piece of jewellery to complete the look.
For example, you can highlight your long and slender neck with a pair of danglers. If you want to catch someone’s eye, all you need is a scintillating single gemstone pendant to draw attention to your eyes and your neckline.
The basic rule is to enhance or deflect the aspects of your appearance by stylishly using the design, style, and size of jewellery you choose.
Know Your Best Asset and Draw Attention to It
Every woman has an asset that is worth flaunting. For some it is their neckline and for some, it would be their shoulders, arms, neck, or bosom.
It is crucial to determine your asset and accessorize accordingly. For example, if your arms or upper arms are not as firm as they used to be, then avoid wearing bracelets and choose an attractive ring instead.
If you have a pretty face with a defined structure then a gorgeous diamond choker should do the trick. And if you have an ample bosom, a long pendant or a layered necklace will enhance your cleavage.
Be Bold and Experiment With Different Clothes & Accessories
Create different looks with your jewelry to match the clothes you’re wearing.
Try the layering trend and embellish your outfit with layered necklaces or several bracelets.
Or you can simply go for one item that is really flashy and guaranteed to grab eyeballs.
Don’t Overspend On Jewellery Purchases
As we all see on platforms like Instagram, Facebook, or in magazines, celebrities and influencers are always flashing a new pair of jewellery.
You may want to buy almost every piece your favorite celebrity adorns, but hold that thought. Unless you are a celebrity yourself and have a huge bank balance, you can always choose to have different combinations of jewellery and something which is unique in itself. It might not be a great idea to buy many similar things rather spends on one of its kind pieces so that you have many different pieces to style as accessories.
Most designers produce affordable, good-quality costume jewelry and antique jewelry. These jewellery pieces are not only affordable but also trendy and make a good investment.
What to Pick & What to Let Go
Yes, now that you have determined the jewellery pieces you need, below are some dos and don’ts that will help you further.
* Never mix costume jewellery with antique jewellery.
* Your choice of jewellery should reflect your personality and your individual sense of style. Keeping this in mind, if you are a cool and casual person, then make sure you buy jewellery to suit the occasion.
* Make sure your work wear is different from your party wear. For example, the pendant you wear to a formal dinner should not be the same one you wear to work.
* Choose the right color of jewellery to suit your skin tone. Every person is either cool or warm. Determine what your skin tone is and choose jewellery that compliments it. If like most people you have brown eyes and black hair then you will fall into the cool category. For you, white metals like platinum, white gold, or silver are the most flattering. Others who fall into the warm category can go for yellow gold, brass, or copper.
* Experiment with wearing warm and cool jewellery and see which one enhances your skin tone and makes you dazzle.
And finally, for those who were born fashionista and remember dressing up as a child. Then follow your heart and accessorize the way you used to as a child, you will see that your inner stylist will guide you to stardom.
We hope these tips will guide you to enhance your look and make heads turn and give you a purpose to accessorize. Follow us for more exciting tips and hacks for fashion and jewellery.
(The author is CEO-Talla Jewellers Private Limited)