Shri Ranbir Library

This refers to the editorial’Foster and tend Ranbir Library'(DE, Nov25, 2018).It is sad that the 138 year old Shri Ranbir Library, located in the heart of Jammu is crying for attention to be restored to its original glory and grandeur.The library is visted by a large number of book lovers, students and the youth aspiring for various academic, competitive and professional examinations being conducted by the state and National Recruitment Boards/Commissions.The library believed to have a rich treasure of rare and heritage books, needs to be given due attention and the trend of rare books going ‘missing’ needs to be probed and checked.
There is no doubt that libraries are the repositories and treasure of knowledge and wisdom and they need to be treated as such.Shri Ranbir Library deserves to be given due attention by the concerned Department as it is a heritage library containing valuable rare and modern books and is visited by a large number of people.At a time when reading habit is diminishing in the people as a result of increasing use of social media and internet, libraries need to be made user friendly and equipped with latest books to attract more and more people.e-books are becoming more and more popular these days but it is a fact that ebooks cannot replace the paper books which have a charm of their own.Shri Ranbir Library is the pride of our state and every effort must be made to protect and preserve the building of this library from the vagaries of weather and the strong hammer of time as also the rare books from being torn, lost or damaged.It is hoped that the concerned Department will rise to the ocassion and take all steps to restore this famous library to its pristine glory.
Ashok Sharma,
Housing Colony, Udhampur.


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