Shilpa Medicare launches cancer drug at monthly therapy cost of Rs 6,440

NEW DELHI, Apr 24: Shilpa Medicare on Friday said it has launched its generic version of cancer drug Dasatinib at a monthly therapy cost of Rs 6,440.
The drug substance patent on Dasatinib was owned by Bristol-Myers-Squibb and had expired on 12 April 12, 2020. The current monthly therapy cost of innovator is approximately Rs 1.65 lakh, Shilpa Medicare said in a regulatory filing.
Shilpa Medicare has launched the Indian branded generic of Dasatinib, an anti-cancer drug with a brand name Dasashil, it added.
The branded generic anti-cancer drug will be available in all dosage strengths of 20/ 50/ 70/ 100 mg tablets. It is used for treatment of Chronic Myeloid Leukaemia (CML), the company said.
“Dasashil will revolutionise the treatment by ensuring to make therapy available for more Indian patients due to increased affordability,” Shilpa Medicare claimed.
The products are being manufactured and supplied from the company’s US Food and Drug Administration-approved manufacturing facility, it added.
“Today there are around 10,000 to 15,000 new patients of CML in India, which can be benefited by Dasashil tablets,” the company. (PTI)


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