Sharadapeeth, the lost glory

This is in reference to the article published in this newspaper on the above topic. The author gave a detailed background of the Sharadapeeth and also gave a reference to the visit of the Adi Guru Shankaracharya. Unfortunately the author seems to lack the knowledge about the power of the present Shankaracharyas of the four Maths. The synonym of Universe is Sanatan Dharam and Sanatan means science. Till the time Universe exists, the Sanatan Dharam will remain. To manage Dharma we need these revered Shankaracharyas. The relevance can be understood by a small reference that goes back to about 3 decades when the most powerful person at that time (PM PV Narasimha Rao) pushed all parties to sign the truce for Shri Ram Janambhoomi case by creation of both temple and mosque at same place. At that time the Puri Shankar Acharya Ji did not sign and the so called most powerful person could not go ahead with that proposal. It is a humble request to the author that before making assumptions, he should clear his facts and not spread any prejudice, especially about such things which have tremendous cultural and Dharmic reverence. One can just visit and see the amount of work these Maths are doing under these revered Shankaracharyas. Any remark or prejudice may mislead the public at large.
Neelam Razdan Wali


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